SMS Ucapan Hari Raya Idul Fitri Bahasa Inggris

Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

The holy and beautiful Syawal will come soon
There is no word proper to welcome it
Except the word of pray and forgiveness
My Majesty if you forgive all my fault
And hope your worship accepted by Allah
The God of Merciful and the Beneficent...

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all of the three
Happy Iedul Fitri....

If there’s a day, There must be a night.
If there’s a black,there must be a white.
If there’s a mistakes,there must be forgiveness

D’great & beautiful Idul Fitri has comes.
Minal Aidin wal Faidzin
Looking back what we’ve done & I ask apologize 4 any mistake that I made
Let’s pure our heart...

If words could kill, I think many people have died because of mine
And if that’s including you, I would like to apologize for all that I,ve done
happy Idul Fitri..!

What I said, what I did, when I’m lose control, where I went, whom I talk 2, and whatever things I’ve done that may hurt you.
Please forgive me...

May the angels protect u
may the sadness forget u
may goodness surround u
and may Allah always bless u
Happy Idul Fitri ...

When the black is whitened.
The wound is cured and heart is purified.
It’s a perfect moment to forgive all mistakes.
Wish you a sacred Ied Fitri...

sms hari raya idul fitri bahasa inggris

Purify your hearts with the remembrance
Enlightened soul with love
Through the day with a smile
Set step with gratitude
Purify the heart with an apology
congratulations Idul Fitri
Minna wa Minkum TaqobbaLallaHu
Minal aidzin wal faidzin
Please forgive Born n Batin...

Let’s write all the mistakes down in the sand
And let the wind of forgiveness erase it away
Happy Idul Fitri, Minal Aidin wal Faizin...

Potato chip without salt is on the table.
Relationship without fault is impossible.
Minal aidin wal faizin...

I hope with which we send sms to parents, father, mother, teacher, brother, sister, friend, and even our relatives can be useful in order to establish Silaturrahmi or Islamic brotherhood.
Make this as a vehicle for the strengthening of kinship...

Ied al-fitri is approaching
Let’s embrace it with pure heart
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to ask an apology
Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin...

I’d like to wish you a holy Iedul Fitri and express my cincerest apology.
I beg your mercy for all of my sins.
May Us be fitri...

No Card, No Ketupat, No Parcel,
Just SMS Represents Everything …Sins… Laugh.. Tears..
Happy ‘iedul Fitrie...

The time has come for every soul to purify heart for every man to begin a new life & for us to let all mistakes forgiven & forgotten, amien.
Happy Idul Fitri...

Time 2 Share, Time 2 love, Time 2 pray, Time 2 forgive, Time 2 joy, Time 2 cheer, Time 2 gather, Time 2 back, Back 2 fitri...

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